Warriors Honor


“Warriors Honor” Someone is killing county prosecutors, state attorneys, county probation officers, and the criminals they allow to go free. Is an old serial killer using Native American warrior justice again, after five long years, or is this a new killer that has authorities baffled? Of the two last potential suspects, from the original murder cases, one is in Arizona State Prison. The other is a former Navy SEAL, a man frustrated with the American Justice system that is corrupt and broken, and someone who has apparently dropped off the face of the earth. Detective Mike Furlough is a seasoned Arizona homicide detective, who has spent 21 years with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. He is a man that is troubled in his personal life, beginning to grasp that his career is nearing its end and he is not only alone, but lonely and unfulfilled. After five years, the same Native American style torture killings is happening again. After four new murders, Detective Furlough is reaching for straws. This savvy killer is selective about who the next victim will be. This killer has left no physical evidence at the crime scenes, except of course the victims’ bodies. Furlough delves into the gruesome realm of Native American vengeance and warrior honor. His investigation also uncovers corruption in the probation department and his own department’s office politics that go deeper than he imagined. His only lead is a slim one which takes him across the Pacific to the Philippines to find a killer, but he may find what he needs the most.


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